Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Protesters in Murrieta block illegal aliens' buses in tense standoff

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 Immigrant detainees

A crowd of 200 to 300 people in downtown Murrieta surrounded three buses carrying immigrant detainees Tuesday afternoon, causing the buses to turn around before they reached a Border Patrol station in the Riverside County city.

Waving Americans flags and protest signs, the crowd refused to give way when the buses arrived with some 140 detainees from Texas, which has seen a flood of Central American immigrants cross the border in recent weeks without legal permission.

A small number of Murrieta police officers stood between the protesters and the buses but could not keep the crowd from blocking the buses' path.

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  1. If this creates a major medical crisis , "widespread riots" or an "outbreak" Obama can; under the USA patriot act , invoke Continuity of Government laws that will allow him to abolish civilian government and courts, end elections ,and rule by military decree for life. This kind of citizen protest is gaining momentum all across America and it is exactly what Obama and the DHS want . If they can get enough people to engage in "race riots" ,Obama can declare a "state of emergency". IMO this is THE reason for opening the border, and doing everything possible to start a plague---Ray

    1. Anything he thinks he can get away with.

    2. Buck up, Anon!
      He, they, should start worrying about
      what we can do to them.

  2. *Important Update* found at nicedoggie.net
    This was the situation, live at 10 pm, PST, last night.
    At the end of the report, talking head at protest site says, “a bus will be arriving in Murrieta fromt Texas, on July 4th, with another 140 illegal immigrants on board, and that this time law enforcement will be ready.”
    I can hear the jackboots gearing up and chanting "Suck it, 'Murica!"

    1. The police chief said they may not turn around this time. Guess there's a difference of opinion between him and the mayor.

  3. Two more important updates about Murrieta protests: nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Immigrants-Headed-to-Murrieta-Despite-Opposition-265381911.html


    Suck it, 'Murica! Happy Freedom/Indepence Day!