Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blacks Must Confront Reality

Via Carl

Though racial discrimination exists, it is nowhere near the barrier it once was. The relevant question is: How much of what we see today can be explained by racial discrimination? This is an important question because if we conclude that racial discrimination is the major cause of black problems when it isn't, then effective solutions will be elusive forever. To begin to get a handle on the answer, let's pull up a few historical facts about black Americans.

In 1950, female-headed households were 18 percent of the black population. Today it's close to 70 percent. One study of 19th-century slave families found that in up to three-fourths of the families, all the children lived with the biological mother and father. In 1925 New York City, 85 percent of black households were two-parent households. Herbert Gutman, author of "The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, 1750-1925," reports, "Five in six children under the age of six lived with both parents." Also, both during slavery and as late as 1920, a teenage girl raising a child without a man present was rare among blacks.

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  1. I have to agree with everything he said. Walter E Williams for PRESIDENT! It would be wonderful to have a black president that was not a grifter.


  2. Walter E. Williams has a quality and virtue that is total unknown to antichrist Obama and every single person around him and his supporters; WISDOM. I am in awe of that learned man.
    I defy anyone to state the point made in the above quotes, better than the way Williams did. They are perfect.