Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Free online intelligence training, IA 101: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis

intel prep of the community


On 02 September, we’ll be publishing our first online intelligence training, IA 101: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis. It’s free for everyone interested in what intelligence has to offer. Each month after that, we’ll be publishing at least one new intelligence course for a very affordable price. We’re teaching real, usable intelligence skills that can be used starting immediately. Intelligence is about reducing uncertainty about threats and about the future, and our aim is to enable Patriots to reduce uncertainty in their own situations.

Would you please help us in promoting it?

Our goal is to teach intelligence skills to as many Patriots and Preppers as possible in our time remaining. We’ll also be doing some live events; webinars with live lectures and Q&A sessions.

Our website is https://culperinstitute.org. We appreciate the support.

These courses are perfect for the older folks who can’t “run and gun”. If they want to be a huge help, then being the intelligence hub will pay great dividends. The only thing better than resupplying a unit with a little food and a few extra rounds is giving them an analysis of threat activity, their strength and disposition, and a targeting package.


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I might even sign up, sit in, and learn something. I'd encourage anyone to take advantage of this opportunity.