Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Amnesty: You will be impacted by the Scottish vote tomorrow


A very important event is happening in Scotland tomorrow. You might not be personally or emotionally involved, but you will be impacted

Setting aside the Scottish question, consider the impact of a huge U.S. amnesty for illegal immigrants either dictated as planned by President Obama or willingly agreed to by a Congressional majority. 

Would the U.S. hold together after a huge amnesty and the tsunami of new immigration that usually follows them?  With no apology whatsoever to George W. Bush, no nation can exist very long as a mere idea, however noble.  As we should all be aware of now, ideas change. Real nations are made up of flesh and blood people and families. They must have either a common culture or mutually compatible cultures to endure peacefully.  Language, history, religion, and ethnicity, like it or not, are always a factor in national unity. National loyalties are possible only if these things are either mutually compatible or mutually sympathetic.Stable nations are a delicate balance of families, common culture, mutual compatibility and common understanding and sympathies. 

If Scotland leaves, will Wales, and Northern Ireland remain for long?

Part of the problem in the Middle East, is that Britain and other European powers carved out nations that were never nations. Iraqi loyalty may mean something to Sunni Arabs in Iraq, but it means little to Kurds, even though they are also Sunni Muslims, and practically nothing to the Shia Muslims on the border between eastern Iraq and Iran. Such nations can usually be held together only by powerful autocratic leaders, and these often become ruthless in their struggle to survive and rule. 

I hope such a disastrous amnesty can be avoided. But if it were implemented, it would have a high probability of eventually driving the nation apart. Here are some thoughts:

Would solid conservative states be content to stay in a union permanently dominated by the Left? An anti-Christian Left?  

Would California stay? Would other states want California to stay considering their growing fiscal problems, radical dominated politics, and huge electoral dominance?

Would Southern states begin to secede rather than be subjected to Obamacratic dominance?  

We are living in interesting times. I only wish our political leaders would do their homework and try to stay several steps ahead of national disaster.

--Michael Scruggs


The Origins and Implications of the Scottish Referendum 

The idea of Scottish independence has moved from the implausible to the very possible. Whether or not it actually happens, the idea that the union of England and Scotland, which has existed for more than 300 years, could be dissolved has enormous implications in its own right, and significant implications for Europe and even for global stability.

The United Kingdom was the center of gravity of the international system from the end of the Napoleonic Wars until World War II. It crafted an imperial structure that shaped not only the international system but also the internal political order of countries as diverse as the United States and India. The United Kingdom devised and drove the Industrial Revolution. In many ways, this union was a pivot of world history. To realize it might be dissolved is startling and reveals important things about the direction of the world.

Scotland and England are historical enemies.

More @ Stratfor


  1. England's Nuclear Subs Base is in Scotland. Maybe England can pull the same stunt that Russia did with Crimea.

    Catalonia Spain up next.

    The more this succession occurs the more I like our outcome. We were getting very close to the "one World Government" goal.

    1. Catalonia

      Yes, indeed. Each time I view their flag's colors, I am reminded of the South Vietnam and I pray they will be more successful, but not if they depend on us, that's for sure.

    2. Actually, we're moving closer to the one world government goal if Scotland gets independence. The groups behind Scottish independence are all communists.

    3. I certainly hope that isn't true. Do you have a link, please?

  2. Would (in light of Scotland) the Kenyan even try to pull a Lincoln? Somehow I doubt it. Not if it didn't turn too violent. There are still Seward's out there. People who would willingly kill millions of Americans.

    1. People who would willingly kill millions of Americans.

      Every commie in the government.