Sunday, September 28, 2014

“Copblock” Is a TERRORIST Site, And People Who Visit It Are Terrorists

Via avordvet


The ongoing disintegration of what was once a free country into an authoritarian fascist police state under the helm of El Presidente Barack Obama is now evolving. With Barry exercising the divine right of a king in launching yet another war in the Middle East - without the approval of Congress - the forces of government must be free to operate with total impunity in The Homeland. The war on terror which is now well into its second decade has served to restrict civil liberties, enable a criminal government, justify the expansion of a massive surveillance state and transform a good number of our law enforcement personnel into thugs.

Now I am going to be right up front with my standard disclaimer that not all cops are bad. The vast majority are good people tasked with doing a dangerous and thankless job. But there are increasingly more exceptions in the post 9/11 era. The federal government bears a large brunt of the responsibility for encouraging the locals to militarize through the 1033 Program as well the exertion of fed influence through the proliferation of fusion centers.


  1. There might be a crack in their protection.

    Federal Appeals Court: No 'Qualified Immunity' Defense For Officers Who Engaged In Blatantly Unconstitutional Raid


    1. Yes and saw that the other day, so maybe all hope isn't lost after all. :)