Friday, October 10, 2014

NC: Airline snubs Army Ranger for not being '1st class'

U.S. Airways officials are under fire for an incident on a Thursday flight from Portland, Oregon, to Charlotte, North Carolina, in which a flight attendant apparently refused to allow an Army Ranger with a chest full of medals to hang up his jacket, because he wasn’t a first-class passenger.

According to WSOC-TV in Charlotte, passengers reported 1st Sgt. Albert Marle asked the flight attendant for permission to hang up his uniform jacket to keep it from getting wrinkled.

She refused his request, because “the service is available only to first-class passengers,” the report said.

First-class passenger Cliff Autrey told the station: “She got relatively belligerent with him that was against company policy. I offered to trade seats with him. He had a chest full of medals. Many deployments. All she had to say was ‘yes,’ but she said it was against company policy.”

Others on the flight claimed the flight attendant yelled at passengers who tried to ask other attendants to intervene.

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  1. Check fire on this NC, this individual does not show up on AKO, this has already been brought up by the blog that is famous for busting military phonies and embelleshers. I have done my own search since I am NG

    1. I didn't see the link to him and there was no way to search from what I saw.

    2. Post a link to the story declaring/proving he's a fraud, please.

    3. Yes, as all I found was an interview with his family which revealed nothing of the sort.

    4. Now then, for my earlier post, This individual is legit, He is in AKO, by checking his last name, first name shortened. He is a 1SG with the ROTC and NG.

  2. A drone who is unable to think for herself, she would be a loyal government bureaucrat.... Who knows, as much as barry hates the armed services, he may hire her tomorrow!

  3. I think there is a straitjacket somewhere with this stewardess' name on it.
    She sounds bitter, hateful, and resentful all in one. The stewardess' are usually
    the first people you see and the last people you see on a flight - what a lasting
    impression. Fire her.

  4. Whatever happened to coffee, tea or me? :)