Monday, November 10, 2014

Gun Store Employees Stop Mental Patient Plotting Mass Murder

We’ve noted repeatedly that the mass killings we have in this country are primarily the result of a mental healthcare system that has shrunk the capability to handle in-patient treatment to absurd levels, leaving the dangerously mentally ill on the street where they are ticking time bombs just waiting to explode.

A dangerously mentally ill man in Austin, Texas, apparently agrees with that assessment.
He went to Michael Cargill’s gun store in hopes of buying a gun to shoot up the mental hospital that refused to treat him:

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  1. Eric Holder would give him the gun so he could track the gun.


  2. We'll never see a national story on it.. which is a shame, but the gun clerk is clearly raccciiisssttt. He's in the south and works at a gun store...


  3. I'm puzzled over why the ATF would the gun? It was not actually sold to guy? I suppose some ATF agent thought he was entitled to another free gun.