Monday, November 10, 2014

"If you give too much power today, you cannot retake it tomorrow, for tomorrow will never come for for that.”

Via Billy

The issue seemed clearer to some (but not all) in 1787. When the Constitution was presented for ratification in Virginia the issues were much better understood than they are today. Of course people back then had not had the dubious “benefit” of our government school system with its obfuscations and omittances regarding our history. It was pretty well understood in Virginia, as well as in other areas, that the issue was a strong federalism, or centralism, as opposed to a loose confederacy of state governments where states rights were to be the rule–the dreaded (by historians) Compact Theory!

In his speeches against ratification Patrick Henry noted that the delegates in Philadelphia had overstepped their bounds in that they had not been sent there with power to create a central government, but only to amend the Articles of Confederation.


  1. The truth is totally ignored even though the real history has been proven beyond
    a shadow of doubt as to the actual truth. Historians have researched the real
    truth of past history but their noble efforts have been ignored and printing presses
    continue with the lies. I have run across people and when I tell them of atrocities
    in history, they will continue not to believe; won't even do their own research.

    1. won't even do their own research.

      Spend effort in today's welfare society? Surely you jest. :)