Sunday, November 16, 2014

Justice Ginsburg Furious Over Obama's Pressure to Resign

A source close to the Supreme Court tells Newsmax that White House efforts to get Ruth Bader Ginsburg to step down from the Supreme Court backfired while infuriating the liberal justice.

To say that Ginsburg was unhappy about the call to resign would be a gross understatement.
The Los Angeles Times reported that Ginsburg, at 81 the oldest member of the court, was "under strong pressure to retire" and "questioning why some liberals want her to leave."

But the close source told Newsmax that Ginsburg directly blames President Barack Obama rather than "liberals" and her comments were aimed squarely at the White House.

According to the source, the Obama administration saw the handwriting on the wall about the midterm elections, and anticipating a strong Republican showing, tried to get Ginsburg to step down before the balloting — to ensure that a Democratic Senate confirmed her replacement.

Now a Republican-controlled Senate ensures that Obama will not be able to tap another far-left justice in his last two years.

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  1. If the Republicans in fact stand their ground, something I wish they would do but rarely seem to.

  2. With any luck she's a vengeful woman and will get even when the court hears the upcoming challenge to Obamacare. CH

  3. I would take a guess and say that Obammy wants to put a black in her
    position; they must be placed in positions of power, forever.