Friday, November 7, 2014





David's.  See comment below.


  1. Looks good. I may need to pick another one up.

  2. I have enough parts to rebuild 5 or 10. I pick up bundles of parts before TAPCO went to dealing with FFL dealers only. I still prefer the 20 in bbl. I still have 6k rounds of non corrosive ammo (had a semi PKM but sold it). I miss Paragon Sales I use to pick up ammo shipped damn cheap. I picked up 1k of 7.62x54 for 69.00 shipped about 15 years ago. The Clinton Administration put them out of business (or they got sick of the BS).

    1. I picked up 1k of 7.62x54 for 69.00 shipped about 15 years ago.

      Wow! :)

  3. Paragon use to rock. They were in Shotgun News. I even got 7.62x51 dirt cheap. I still regrets to this day when they sold cases of ammo for pull down (7.62x.. The Czech VZ52 rifle that predates the VZ58) the primers were dead but the bullets were good and steel core. There are still good deals on ammo and components but not many anymore.

  4. I have got a few M44s so I decided to play with one of the more worn, counterbored ones. I removed the front sight and cut the bayonet lug off. Shortened the barrel to 16", recrowned it, and turned the OD so the front sight could be pressed back on. Remove handguard and shorten and rework the front of the stock.
    One of my favorite rifles to shoot, and if you are someplace where you can shoot at night it will really light up your like. Just for kicks I chronographed it, it goes about 2400 FPS with standard surplus 54R, a little slower with the 180gr stuff, but still more muzzle energy than a standard AK round. Can't put a picture here, but I'll send you one.

    David Martin

  5. I"be been thinking about cutting up a bayonette and using the mount part as a base to fabricate a supressor CH

  6. That's interesting, hadn't dawned upon me and if you do this, it would be great to see the results. Thanks.