Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mickey Rourke, 62 years old, drops 29-year-old Elliot Seymour

US actor and boxer Mickey Rourke after a fight with US boxer Elliot Seymour (RIA Novosti / Alexandr Vilf)

Movie star turned pro boxer Mickey Rourke, 62, scored his seventh boxing victory by dropping a man half his age in a Moscow bout. Rourke choose flashy golden gloves for the ring and managed to secure a church blessing.

Rourke knocked down 29-year-old Elliot Seymour twice, before the referee stopped the fight in the second round. During his short boxing career in the 1990s he was undefeated, clocking up six wins and two draws.
The Wrestler and Sin City star was competing for the first time in almost two decades. For his return to the ring, the actor reportedly shed 16kg, stunning fans with his skinny frame during the weigh-in earlier this week.

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  1. Rourke, unfortunately, had a brutal step-father who beat on him lots. While living
    in Miami, he took up boxing at age 15 at the local boxing ring. He was a natural.
    He ended up having to have plastic surgery for facial deformities from boxing.
    That is why he use to be nice looking and now, not so.
    He stated he would never forgive his mother for allowing the step-father to beat on him.
    Good for him with his win. You don't think it was fixed, do you?

    1. Thanks for the info and I don't know, but well could have been.

  2. I read that the boxer said he was paid off to lose to Mickey. I like Mickey. I watched an interview a few years back and he was brutally honest about his life. Wish I could remember who was doing the interview.

    More importantly, did Alabama win last night? I took my Mom back home, and I missed the end -- no one in Michigan gives a rat's patoot about the SEC ;(

  3. Alabama did win, btw