Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Obama on Ferguson: America's Racist, Give Me More Power


On Monday night, after the media’s attempted racial assassination of Officer Darren Wilson shipwrecked on the rocky shoals of the criminal justice system, President Obama took to the podium to try to salvage their narrative of American racism. The media spent months portraying 18-year-old black man Michael Brown as a “gentle giant” victimized by cruel white racist Wilson, and by extension, charging America’s law enforcement establishment with the ultimate sin. Unwilling to let that narrative die, President Obama stepped forward – and in doing so, fueled the flames for future racial conflagrations.

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  1. White America sits, silently watching. With more patience, higher IQ's, and less expectations, to see what develops. Oh yeah, and (with fully half a billion weapons, and 500 billion rounds) armed to the teeth. The POTUS should abandon the CPUSA and tread more lightly.

    1. Treading on thin ice. The race card is getting old.

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