Monday, December 22, 2014

Alabama town comes together to defy atheist group’s targeting of Nativity

Via Jeffery

 "Rally at the Manger" in Rainbow City, Alabama (Photo: Rep. Mack Butler)

The perpetually offended out-of-state atheists group that recently targeted an Alabama town’s Christmas parade and football game prayers is back again, this time going after another Alabama town’s Nativity scene.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation recently sent a letter to the mayor of Rainbow City, Alabama, urging him to remove the Nativity scene currently located at City Hall.


  1. Replies
    1. Ought to do it the way my buddy and I did before. Fill up a garbage can with beer and ice, then hit the road. :) Guess they frown upon that anymore, though.........

  2. Instead of a road trip lets get a few busses and take the freedom from religion folks to a radical muslim area. (Iraq for instance) perhaps they would learn to live and let live after such an experience. (If they survived)