Monday, December 29, 2014

New York Times: “Let the Fires Burn Until Every City is on its Knees”

Via Michael

They want peace. No really. And the New York Times is just a dispassionate observer looking for reform and change. Not mass murder.

But Nicholas Kristof had one of his “Take the Mask Off Moments” when the radical left shows how ugly and unhinged it really is despite its facade of dinner parties and book clubs and that its media outlets promote violence.

And so he invited readers to send in poems about the usual stuff. Bunnies. Flowers. Killing all white people and burning America to the ground. And the emphasis was not on the bunnies and flowers.

Here’s a deranged screech of hate/incitement to violence that the leftist paper of record saw fit to run.
, a white woman married to a black man and the mother of “two beautiful brown babies,” said she hadn’t written a poem in 20 years.
Here’s what Angel Butts and Kristof had to offer.


  1. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "New York Times: “Let the Fires Burn Until Every Ci...":

    Someone (anyone) should put down (permanently) people like that.

  2. That's the problem with not shooting the looters and the arsonists in Ferguson. The simple minded believe that they can get away with it next time and everywhere and nobody will fire a shot. It doesn't work that way. Of course, people like Angel Butts want other people to break the law while she looks on. Perhaps she suspects there are some hot triggers out here and she just wants to watch the blood of young blacks flow.

  3. This is how the left operates. They advocate for blind senseless violence against any and all but if you call them out and confront them you are the one who will stand accused of bigotry and being combative. This stupid bitch hides behind here ivy walls but if she showed up in a place like Furgeson she would tremble in fear of rape and murder.

    1. she would tremble in fear of rape and murder.

      Well said.

  4. Well, don't wait no more! Let's get things going so my Christmas will come back around REALLY early this year.

    Why, they're there! They're there! Back in my pocket. Zsu Zoos AR mags!

  5. Yep, the typical red communist. I wonder if she wears a cannibal necklace
    to celebrate her negro counterpart.