Monday, January 19, 2015

7 Homeschooled Kids Taken From Parents Because Dad Had Unnaproved Mineral Supplement

 I mean, it's clear that they are being abused........................

Brian Shilhavy is reporting that relatives of the Stanley family in Garland County Arkansas have reached out to to notify the public that the 7 homeschool children of Hal and Michelle Stanley were removed during the night by DHS and fully armed sheriffs this past week, simply because they reportedly found a supplement in the home that was not approved by the FDA.

The FDA v. MMS

The supplement in question is MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). The FDA has been at war with this product and its distributors for several years. It seems like the Stanley family was unfortunate enough to get caught in the middle of that. In 2010 the FDA posted this consumer alert to


  1. Again. When immoral LEO's like this are not taught the errors of their ways and get away with these crimes, this will only continue. The victims cannot teach them the lessons needed. But somebody can. They can't be that hard to track. I'm pretty sure they love their children too.

    1. Our nation has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  2. MMS has been around a long time and have not heard of anyone dying from it
    unlike the drug pushers on the TV commercials who have killed tens of thousands
    of people, maybe millions. Every time I see one the drug pusher commercials
    I cringe.