Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fun With Gun Turn-Ins, Part Deux

Via Harry


Recently, I had fun turning in some relic pieces of jam-o-matic junk at an event sponsored by Ceasefire Oregon. Funny thing, that. It seems Fox News picked up on the event and almost got the link to TTAG right. As they had run out of gift cards by the time I got there, they handed out IOUs, promising to mail my gift cards. So I left my name and mailing address . . .

Tadaaaa! The cards arrived.


  1. Depending on how this was set up and monitored, I can see where a guy could make a gun "disapear", legeally. Then say; Gun? What gun? I turned it in and it was distroyed. See, here is your paper work to prove it. I bet it will feel very nice to have a firearm in hand that does not exisit.

    1. Thanks and I assume they keep track of the S/N's.