Saturday, April 25, 2015

Arizona Muslim family forces daughter into arranged groom’s home to be beaten and raped

Via Joe


Two Somali Muslim families in Arizona tried to force the 18-yr-old daughter of one family to marry the 30-year-old son in the other family. But the daughter didn’t want to marry her arranged groom so she ran away.

She eventually came back weeks later only to be abducted by her own family and forced into the arranged groom’s apartment where she was then beaten and raped by Mohamed Abdullahi, the groom-to-be. While in captivity she managed to use her tablet to get a message to a friend to get help. Abdullahi is now under arrest and both families are under investigation.

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  1. I wouldn't have gone back home knowing what these families stand for and are
    capable of. Prehistoric.

    1. You shouldn't be insulting our prehistoric brethren..............:)

  2. They (the families) should be raped. By broom handles. Then the groom-to-be should be beaten to death by those same broom handles. Survivors should then be deported to England.

  3. And our "government" wants us to adopt this prehistoric culture