Monday, April 27, 2015

British Labour Party: We’ll Make Fear of Islam an Aggravated Crime (Not a parody)

Via III Percent Patriots

Labour leader Ed Miliband is believed to be planning his fourth reshuffle in three years.

Hi, I'm Ed Milliban, a Useful Fool.

And here we thought the US Democratic Party was the nuttiest political group in the world…

The British Labor Party announced this week they will outlaw fear of Islam.

The Labour Party promises to make “Islamophobia” an aggravated felony.

According to the Urban Dictionary Islamophobia is a word constructed by the blood thirsty, pedophile islamofascist to try and place blame on everyone else for their current geopolitical situation.

Muslim News reported, via Religion of Peace:


  1. our dems wish to be the labour party SO hard.. give them some more time - they're almost there...

  2. When things finally tip over the edge in Airstrip One these jerkwads will be the first ones marched to the banks of the Thames to have their heads cut off and their bodies pushed in to be washed out with the tide. A reward that will justly deserved.

  3. George Orwell is screaming out from his grave. "I warned you, and I warned you, and I warned you! You refused to listen so now you shall reap the whirlwind of your folly."

    1. Oh, we have had more than sufficient warnings, which we have all ignored.

  4. Here's an idea Obama's new Actor y General should announce that it will be a federal come to be afraid of roaming gangs of looters and vandals because they just need "room to destroy".