Friday, April 17, 2015

Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne: Obama Will Push for Slavery Reparations in 2016

Via Joe

During a segment on his Fox Business Network show Making Money, host Charles Payne said that he thinks Obama is making ready for a big push to pay billions in slavery reparations in 2016.

During a panel segment, Payne and his crew were discussing the reparations the city of Chicago is making to the mostly black victims of Police Commander Jon Burge, a now convicted Chicago policeman who in the 1970s and  ’80s engaged in a long campaign of beating suspects into confessing to crimes they did not commit.

From that subject, Payne veered off into his prediction of what Obama might try in 2016.

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  1. If the government makes them leave and take their new found wealth with them back to Africa, its a winner........ ;)

    1. ;) Oh, they hate America, but would never leave permanently, me thinks.

  2. It's the fastest way I know to launder cash into the economy. Through the whorehouses, drug dens, and liqueur stores.