Friday, April 17, 2015

What is a Southerner?



Scholars in every field in the humanities and social sciences have long recognized that Southerners have formed a distinct people within the body of Americans from the earliest colonial times to the present. Authorities in history, political science, economics, sociology, folklore, literature, geography, speech, and music, have recognized and studied the significance of this distinctiveness. The distinct identity of Southerners has also, of course, been a commonplace of everyday life in the United States, and distinctive Southern manners, customs, attitudes and behavior have been material for our greatest creative artists in song, story and movie-making.

Nearly every college in the United States and many in Europe (as well as Japan and Australia) offer courses in Southern history, literature, and other subjects. A number of universities have special institutes devoted to study of the South. (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of South Carolina, the University of Mississippi, John Hopkins University, and Cambridge University are a few examples.)


  1. A very good article. The idea hasn't died so the Cause still lives. Historically men have always fought hardest for an idea - as opposed to gold or land. The most vicious of wars have always been over ideas - which may prove that we have some worth after all.
    My question has always been how did the Puritans in New England go from religious tyrants to the secular statist tyrants in that they are now? Where did the fear of God go?
    Red in OleVirginny

    1. Where did the fear of God go?

      Out the barn door, evidently.

  2. I'm not southern, coming from west of the area, but I know a lot of Southerners who take great pride in their heritage and upbringing. I think that is awesome.

    Its funny how the Left will stump for minorities taking pride in their heritage, but the southerner for celebrating theirs is treated much differently. I wonder if the Left truly comprehend how hypocritical they are.

  3. @Anonymous, Not a snow balls chance in hell. Even if they do comprehend how hypocritical they are, they dont care. It is all about power; to control and dominate the lives of others. They want to act like a g-o-d. Many have a satanic pride in their own superiorily over others. Or they will justify their actions with, if it is for "the greater good" then doing some thing evil is acceptable
    What we and many others don't comprehend is the depths of their depravity and willingness to do anything in their quest for absolute power. They don't have that internal moral compass, that checks their behavior. Case in point, Hillary; she so lusts after and covets being president that she will do any thing and say any thing to get her idol.
    Consider the common response to an act of evil such as the murder/abuse of a small child or a mass shooting. It is; "He must have been mentally ill/sick to have done such a thing". The majority of people can not or will not consider the idea that the person was very sane and rational when he did the vile act, but he did it because he was that evil.

    1. The majority of people can not or will not consider the idea that the person was very sane and rational when he did the vile act, but he did it because he was that evil.


  4. Sadly, we here up North have to want to learn the truth as it is not taught in any school. Seek and ye will find. Thank you, Mr. Townsend.