Friday, April 24, 2015

New York Rep. Steve Israel Lies AGAIN About M855 Ammunition

Via Joe

Let’s make this very direct: New York Rep. Steve Israel is intentionally lying to his constituents, the wider American public, and to new ATF Director Thomas Brandon in a letter attempting to push the ban of some of the most common and least dangerous practice AR-15 ammunition in the market today.

In a letter first obtained by The Hill, Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) urges acting ATF Director Thomas Brandon to “act swiftly” to protect police officers from armor-piercing bullets. 


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  1. Lying is SOP with them. They have to lie, the only way they can advance their agenda is to lie. That I why I refer to Democrat party the party of evil. Remember, Satan is called the Father of Lies.

  2. The most common and least dangerous...

    Also not exactly true. The 55 grain bullet is slightly more common and all rifle bullets are about the same "danger" in that they are all lethal when properly used.

  3. So.... WTF is that picture supposed to be?
    A buffer tube that short would never let the rifler/pistol even go through half a cycle before breaking something.

    BUT- if you know nothing about scary black plastic guns......