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Anti-Obama Letter To The Editor on Memorial Day

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(I checked the paper, but couldn't find this piece, though did find three comments critical of it, so I guess they took it down. BT)

A letter sent to the Sunbury Daily in Pennsylvania by a reader and was published by
the editor.

Sent on Memorial Day:

What is a Ramadi?

Recent national news reveals that ISIS has recaptured Ramadi in Iraq. I assume that we’re expected to ignore the loss of Ramadi to ISIS. Our lead-from-behind coward-in-chief has been strangely quiet on the subject. While he seldom misses the chance to run his mouth on any subject that suits his agenda, apparently he’s having trouble discussing a situation which has become a complete debacle and for which he alone is responsible.

After all — we’re supposed to be friends with our enemies. By all means — expedite withdrawal of U.S. forces, contrary to the advice of those military commanders who cautioned against withdrawal. But their advice was ignored and many were purged because they refused to follow someone so grossly incompetent in the politics and practice of warfare.

So now we’re learning the results of spending billions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of American lives that were expended in the initial capture of Ramadi. Our esteemed leader proclaimed that we should withdraw because the Iraqis were offended by the presence of American troops in their country. So we bailed out — leaving behind billions of dollars of equipment and ammunition, which was promptly captured by ISIS. Yes, this is the same highly skilled organization that our misguided leader called the JV team.

Hey Barack, would you care to address the nation and expound on your grandiose plans for defeating this JV team which is whipping you soundly?

The saddest part of this situation is the realization that the American blood lost in the initial capture of Ramadi was apparently lost in vain, due solely to the gross incompetence of our commander-in-chief.

To the families of those fallen heroes whose blood lies on the sands of Iraq; don’t you think it might be time to rise up against an administration who has adequately
demonstrated their gross incompetence?

I think the appropriate, and politically correct, term is regime change. Forgive me for being blunt, but throughout history this has previously been accompanied by execution by guillotine, firing squad, public hanging.

I have absolutely no reason to expect that current practice should be any different. The end result is elimination of the problem, the method is superfluous. When society dictates, the end always justifies the means, otherwise the action would not be taken.

W. Richard Stover, Lewisburg

We are out there, somewhere!


  1. Too bad it was George W. who created this mess in Iraq, not President Obama. ISIS owes a great debt of gratitude to the younger Bush for helping in their rise and their recruitment. Mr. Stover is guilty of treason and should be incarcerated. People like him are the real threat to this country, not ISIS.

    1. People like him are the real threat to this country, not ISIS.

      You are either a troll or a commie, either way, leave as you are not wanted on a Patriot site.

    2. Our sissy leader said climate change was our greatest threat. You commie scumbags need to get your lies in order. Your leftist leader was running guns into Syria through Lybia, and allowed the only ones that knew die in Bengazi in a "spontaneous attack fueled by an offensive YouTube video". You supporters of this rubbish are either in posesion of a spare chromosome, or you are pure evil, straight from hell. If you hate this country, leave.

    3. Let us assume that you are not a troll. The facts are there...WMD material was found,was used against Kurds, and has even been corroborated by that bastion of unbiased reporting, The NYT. Soldiers returning from Iraq almost unanimously state that their presence was positive for the Iraqi people. No, Bush did not 'create' the present mess. Obama certainly created this, though.

    4. by that bastion of unbiased reporting, The NYT.


  2. Hey Brock, it does not have to be either/or you know. The nameless pussy could be both a troll AND a commie.

  3. Wow. This is from Lewisburg. Not exactly a hotbed of conservative ideas. it's a college town.

    1. When I first saw Lewisburg, I thought it might be Lewisburg, West Virginia where I went to military school.

    2. we stopped at the walmart there on the way to go camping. It was like the twilight zone. A grown man in a spiderman costume. No apparent reason (entertainer or what ever) And other freaks of nature.

  4. I congratulate this man on his principals in a liberal infested town.
    I also applaud the editor for publishing, even if briefly.
    Stover's home will probably be stoned.

  5. Ramadi is a in a small town in the middle of nowhere in the middle east. A place where people don't care or know me nor do they care to. And yet, we're expected to get with a war against ISIS? A terrorist organization created and funded by out close ally Saudi Arabia. Also a good friend to the Bush family. I believe this letter goes over board and is a discredit to the presidency and devalues human life. As a Christian, I cannot support this type of mob behavior and hatred.

    1. I believe this letter goes over board

      It does in the last two paragraphs, but I can see how some warriors are furious.

      "And Now, After Sending Our Best Young Men To Die On distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
      23 July 2008