Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baltimore Residents: We Don’t Think the Police Are Actively Doing Their Jobs

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As the first commenter stated: Can't imagine why."

Two Baltimore residents stated that they believed the police in the city are not doing their jobs in interviews broadcast on Tuesday’s “The Lead” on CNN.

Resident Malacka Reed El said, “I don’t think the police are doing their jobs, but I do not think that it’s all of the police. We do have some police officers that are doing their jobs.”

Rev. Jamal Bryant, (who National Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux said is “a close friend” of the Gray family) the Pastor of Empowerment Temple Church, added, “It’s almost akin to having a substitute teach in the middle of the semester who turns a blind eye, doesn’t know the students, and is not, in fact, giving a grade. And so it’s a very dangerous time in our city when crime is going up, but arrests are going down.”

Video @ Breitbart


  1. The cops aren't doing their jobs. So revenue is down.

    No wonder the shakedown for rebuilding is so high.

    1. I imagine the town would have sent them the full bill regardless though.

    2. Agreed. I just reread that article at pro libertate about civil forfeiture.

  2. With their community activist prosecutor declaring the looters are right, why bother?

    I saw her on CNN this moring. Her ambition is way bigger than her brain. It was like she had a masters in race studies.

    1. she had a masters in race studies.

      I imagine, talk about a wise ass attitude. Ought to ship her off to basic/ boot camp 1966 variety.

  3. The resident's want the police to over-look the petty crime and just go after
    the violent crimes. WTH! Where do these people come from. Sorry, but
    it just doesn't work that way. Good for the police.