Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Waco II: “Twin Peaks” Shooting – The Crossfire and The Four Dead Bodies We Don’t See…

 waco 24 mugshots

One of the more frustrating aspects to the Waco “Twin Peaks” biker shooting story is the lack of photographic references to aid in a full understanding of the proximity of all the characters, suspects and witnesses involved.

However, after reviewing hundreds of media articles showing bits and pieces of the event we finally have some optical references for a story as it is told.

But before going to that aspect another controversial point should be expressed.

No-one here is saying the police, in totality, did anything wrong.  Conversely, it would be unfair to think EVERYONE, who were rounded up as 170 ‘conspiracy suspects’ and who were detained in the aftermath, is guilty of murder.


  1. Till we know what the forensics/ballistics reports say and we know who was stuck by bullets fired from LEO weapons it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach any reasonable conclusions on this event. Video from multiple viewpoints during the actual shooting would help.
    Currently all we have to go by is the official ever changing propaganda from the Waco mouthpiece.

    1. Agreed and I hope the forensic conclusions are double checked.

  2. At the Aging Rebel site, someone commented that they have not seen any funerals for the Cossacks (who had the most killed) with hundreds of bikes in the procession. That would be a media event, if it happened.

    Some folks are questioning whether any Cossacks were killed, and if they might not actually be a cop club, out to instigate trouble with actual clubs.

    Many more questions than answers, and conjecture seems to rule the day.