Thursday, May 7, 2015

Now We Pay For Our Refusal

Via avordvet

We have, for years, listened to the NRA and others telling us that "it's ok" to have restrictions on open or concealed carry, "it's ok" to require permits, "it's ok" to have "gun-free zones" and that law-abiding citizens need to "pay respect" to those who demand that we disarm on a general and specific basis.

When the threat was simply criminals that might have sort of worked, although if you live in a high-crime area and can't realistically leave you might disagree.  Here's looking at you, Chitcago!

I have long advocated that the 2nd Amendment is very clear and leaves no room for interpretation -- it states that you and everyone else have a natural right to self-defense -- here, today, now, everywhere.  You have the right to keep and bear, that is, carry, the means of that defense with you everywhere, all the time for the simple reason that you cannot possibly know when you might need it.  You are the one who decides; openly or concealed, and what you wish to carry for this purpose whether it be a mouse gun in your pocket or a "Dirty Harry" magnum on your belt, a shotgun in the car or some combination.   

Criminal sanction may, under any just set of laws, only be applied if and when you misuse the means of that self-defense to initiate aggression against others and at no other time; mere possession irrespective of when and how is not misuse any more than it is "misuse" to have a fire extinguisher on your person even though there is presently no fire.

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