Saturday, May 2, 2015

Operative predicts breaking point in 2016

Via avordvet

 Baltimore's current unrest may go nationwide in 2016,

A young political operative predicted in a major interview recently that the U.S. will reach its breaking point in 2016, prior to the general election, leading to nationwide unrest, racial tension, threats from Jihadists who are already hiding on our own soil, and a general Constitutional crisis representing two conflicting philosophies concerning the proper role of government in a free society. Former Carter pollster Pat Caddell agreed with the assessment. Caddell has been a major Democrat on the national scene ever since he rose to prominence during his work within the Carter Administration.

Many believe that the U.S. has already reached the breaking point. Others insist that this belief is not true but that such a catastrophe will be hastened by the use of extraordinary and oppressive means, including running roughshod over the rights and protections of citizens who condemn the current decimation of Constitutional law.

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