Friday, June 26, 2015

Et tu Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Junior Goes PC and Abandons the Flag!

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I’ll tell you one thing this flag flap is doing, it’s separating the men from the boys.


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    1. Jump on the bandwagon boys...........................

  2. dale jr. is ashamed of his heritage. I have disliked him for this reason ever since he got a free ride into nascar. He doesn't want to be considered 'southern,' and does all he can to distance himself from the rest of the 'good old boys.'

    I say I am not surprised he came out as pc on this flag issue, he loves being in the "in" crowd.

    Good riddance jr. glad you showed your true colors where everyone can see what I have seen for years!

  3. I think maybe this year he ought to sit Talladega out . I'd hate to see the race stopped eveytime he came by the grandstand so crews can clean up cans , bottles and bricks .

  4. Dale, Sr must be spinning in his grave. What a short sighted move on junior's part. He'll be regretting that for the rest of his life.

    1. Dale, Sr must be spinning in his grave.

      Yes, guaranteed.

  5. Never did like the little prick.