Friday, June 26, 2015

The Appalachian Messenger June 26, 2015 
Voluntary trade occurs when both parties benefit. Why should it matter if the parties are of different nationalities?

Assuming the trade was of a legal product or service, both nations’ governments should be happy with the transaction,  since  their  citizens  have  benefited  (not  that  governments  generally  care  about  that).  However,governments  directly  and  indirectly influence  the  terms  of  trade,  often  preventing  trade  from  happening  at  all.  The  US  has three  international  trade  agreements  pending the  Trans  Pacific  Partnership,  the  Transatlantic  Trade  and  Investment Partnership, and the Trade in Services Agreement the terms of which are presently secret.


  1. They're only powerful or are in power if they are supported...other than paying taxes (which if you don't will put monkeys at your door real quick) don't support them. Any way you can...stop.i.e. a lot of military personnel come from the South....stop joining.

    1. stop joining.