Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ron Paul: Freedom Act will make snooping worse

Via Cousin John

Former US Republican presidential candidate and Congressman,  Ron Paul (Reuters / Mark Makela)

Passing the Freedom Act did not reform government snooping, so much as it made it legitimate, according to three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul. He asserts that Democrats and Republicans alike seek to reduce liberty for a promise of security.

One thing in Washington, when they have the ‘reform’ of something, you cannot trust them, because reform usually means they’re making things a lot worse,” Ron Paul told Larry King on Politicking, Tuesday evening. “I think the reform act is a very, very dangerous thing. It’s not a slight improvement, as some people argue.”

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  1. I think reducing liberty to control the masses. Comparing my days growing up,
    today is like a concentration camp where they control everything: food, air, water,
    healthcare, weather, personal gardens, news via MSM, living off the grid, schools,
    your right to bear arms (active), free speech, Christmas, and lots of other critical
    thinking choices. Seems to be a lot of folks in the wrong country.

    1. Seems to be a lot of folks in the wrong country.

      Well said.