Thursday, June 4, 2015

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Train Crashes?

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The investigation of the deadly derailment of Amtrak Train 188 in Philadelphia is continuing and Amtrak has announced it will now be placing cameras to monitor the actions of its engineers [Video Cameras Coming to Amtrak Train Cabs After Philly Crash, by Trevor Mogg, Digital Trends, May 27, 2015]. Unfortunately, they might have their cameras pointed in the wrong direction: vandalism by rock-throwing thugs may be the real cause of the crash. But if so, on past form, our rulers may never tell us.

The May 12, 2015 crash killed eight passengers and injured 200, including several Amtrak crewmembers. Investigators have ruled out mechanical malfunction or rail problems. The locomotive engineer’s drug and alcohol tests have turned out negative.

Preliminary interviews seem to rule out fatigue or illness. Investigators are examining the engineer’s cell phone records, but the engineer’s attorney has stated that his cell phone was not in use during the operation of the train. The FBI has concluded that a bullet did not cause front window damage in the engineer’s compartment—but investigators have not ruled out a “flying object” striking the train.

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  1. could chuck a grenade through the windshield of a commuter train and turn the engineer into hamburger and the train won't derail. In fact trains have a 'deadman' switch....the engineer dies the brakes come on and the train stops. And a rock is NOT the reason the train was doing twice the speed limit for that section of track. I don't know who is trying to cover up what but a load of bullshit is being dispensed....because physics is what determines these things....and anything a human can lift and throw at a train is nowhere near massive enough to derail it.

  2. So, for instance, a cinder block thrown from above wouldn't smash through the window?

  3. Doesn't matter....a cinder block smashing through the window.... A freaking COW smashing through the window....NOTHING that could be thrown has even 1% of the mass and energy required to derail a train and it was the DERAILMENT that caused the death, injury and destruction. Focusing on a rock hitting a window is misdirection as it has no bearing on what DERAILED this train. Misdirection means they are trying to hide something. What are they hiding.

  4. If the engineer was knocked out and this caused whatever part of him that controls the speed to force it faster, why wouldn't that work?

  5. Would it be possible when the engineer was adjusting the speed for the curve
    the projectile disrupted the direction of the speed d/t the reaction of the impact.
    I don't know what kind of mechanism controls the increase and decrease of the
    speed but lever comes to mind.
    Has the engineer regained his memory? Also, three other trains in the same
    area on the same day were hit with projectiles. Seems like a common occurrence
    but they are becoming more sophisticated.

  6. Locomotives have dead man switches for throttles. Changing speed requires a decision and effort. Taking your hand off the switch....I.e dying causes the engine to throttle back and stop automatically. As stated NOTHING you 'throw' at an engine can cause it to derail even if it kills the engineer. So either the throttle was defective and increased the engine speed to dangerous levels or he CHOSE to increase it. But the 'something was thrown at the engine' is a red herring, irrelevant. So what is it they are misdirecting us from.