Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baltimore Police Chief Attempts To Hide Ineptitude By Requesting Help From Feds…

Via comment by Anonymous on Senate approves USA Freedom Act

 Baltimore leadership

Several media outlets have noted a press conference given today by Baltimore Police Chief Anthony Batts where he asked for “federal agents”, and “federal prosecutors” to assist Baltimore with the skyrocketing violence and murders.
[…]  In a press conference Wednesday, flanked by representatives of multiple state and federal agencies, Batts said he is asking for federal prosecutors and agents to help, calling the renewed effort an “all hands on deck.”
Batts’ comments follow unrest in the city of Baltimore after the April 19 death of Freddie Gray, and the indictment of six Baltimore police officers involved.
Since then, local prosecutors and Batts have come under fire by the police officers’ labor union, and theres been suspicion the rise in crime may be linked to a work “slowdown” organized by police officers. (link)
The short version is Chief Batts admitting he’s lost control.  Ironic consid.ering how quickly the police chief and mayor wanted the national guard to withdraw.

A stunning admission within a city in crisis run almost entirely by progressives.  The Mayor is black, the State Attorney is black, the police chief is black, the majority of the city council is black, and almost all of the violence is black street thugs shooting and murdering black citizens.


  1. And a few of the more visible and audible ("mouthy") macho patriot groups wants me to share a foxhole with those people? I don't think that will a be happenin. :) Especially if they are North of the Mason-Dixon. As Baltimore is.

  2. Baltimore is south of the Mason Dixon- wouldnt piss on it if it were fire.

  3. LOL. In a rock and a hard place. Just a very tiny example of what would happen
    in the country without police. Law and order is a necessity.

    1. Law and order is a necessity.

      & who questioned not having it?

    2. A hint: