Monday, June 15, 2015

Shots fired at Cleveland police in foot chase of suspect

Via The Last Refuge

Shots were fired Sunday at Cleveland police officers in a foot chase of a suspect near the site of a boy's fatal encounter with officers last year, police said.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters Sunday afternoon that officers responded that morning to a report of six men waving guns and a man at the scene fled police when they tried to question him. The chief said the man pointed a gun at police and an officer fired four rounds without hitting the man, who continued running.

A number of unidentified people then began firing at officers from behind as police continued chasing the man, who was apprehended a few blocks away, Williams said.

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  1. I wish these jerks would try this stuff out my way, I'd gladly drop the ones in the back as long as they clean up........ ;)

  2. I can't believe at least one out four bullets did not strike the suspect.
    Maybe the suspect was too far away for a good shot. Maybe the police
    are loosing their confidence.