Monday, June 29, 2015

You Must Read Gettysburg Film Director Ron Maxwell’s Take on Erasing Confederate Symbols


  General Armistead's Final request

 Today's utopians tread a dangerous path.

After the murders at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church by a young white racist, a consensus has been reached on the issue of taking down the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s soldier’s monument, where it has flown since being removed from the state capitol in 2000.

The flag was flown from the capitol only since the early 1960s, when segregationists resurrected what was in fact the Confederate battle flag as their symbol for opposition to desegregation. Other states quickly followed South Carolina’s example.

Evidently, this may not be enough to satisfy the cultural enforcers on the American Left.
Suddenly, anything in our history that is somehow connected with the sin of slavery — and it was a sin against humanity — is fair game to be excised from America’s past. As John Hinderaker writes at Powerline, the Democrats are getting “their crazy on.” First it’s the Confederate flag, then statues, monuments, and our currency that celebrate racists, then perhaps the American flag itself.

Remember those leftists who after 9/11 refused to fly the flag, since they argued it stood for oppression?

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  1. Can we ban blacks in Baltimore? They just executed nine of their own, black lives
    matter crew:

  2. The Southern military bases do not want a name change; keep the Confederate
    names. Well, that's settled, hopefully.