Thursday, July 16, 2015

From the Liberal Left To the Loony Left They All Hate Confederate Flags And Symbols

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 In recent days I have continued to observe as the theological and political left continues to orchestrate its assault against anything and everything Confederate. Some of their suggestions really swing to the loony side and some of their writers literally froth at the mouth. Their hatred of anything Southern or Confederate is really intense and unremitting. These people are not about to cease and desist. They see, at this point, a very real possibility of destroying Southern and Christian culture in the South and they want to be in for the kill! Most Southern folks don’t begin to grasp this. They need to.


  1. "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

    Rahm Emanuel

    1. I believe the first post I made on this was titled something like: Never let a crisis go to waste X2.


    Pay attention to these stories. You should take down the flag. Screw that. Fly it high , load up and wait. Here kitty kitty kitty.....

    1. Yes, too bad the wavers didn't have their guns.

  3. 2 Confederate memorials defaced in Charlotte

    Two Confederate war memorials in Charlotte were found defaced on Wednesday, including one that was the center of debate last week between Mecklenburg County commissioners and the public.
    Vandals apparently smeared liquid cement across both sides of a monument unveiled in 1929 during the 39th reunion of the United Confederate Veterans, county officials said. The monument stands perched on a hill between the Grady Cole Center and American Memorial Stadium on North Kings Drive.

    Without question, residents know where the memorials
    and cemeteries are in their AO's.
    You must, you must, you must begin a proactive defense
    or the defeats will continue, until final victory of the communists,
    without a single punch thrown, without a single fight fought, and
    without a single shot fired.
    Other than the shots fired by muslim terrorists, communists and
    treasonous traitors.