Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gun-free zones that never are: They only attract nuts and crazies determined to do evil

Via Jonathan

Illustration Gun Free Zone by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

In the land of the blind, as the saying goes, the one-eyed man is king, and in the land of the disarmed the man with a gun is king. America is once more observing what passes for national mourning over the grim work of a nut acting out some sort of bizarre theory about the collapse of society by randomly shooting people.


  1. When there is commentary about a mass shooting, such as the above posting from the Washington Times, there are several things that continue to greatly annoy me for the lack of common sense and sloppy thinking (or none at all).

    First is calling the shooter a nut or a crazy. Implied is that only a crazy person would engage in a mass shooting. What the majority of people refuse to consider is the existence of evil; that a mass murdering shooter can be sane and rational, but evil.
    Second, the MSM refuses to talk about is the almost one-to-one, cause and effect linking between the shooter and psychotherapeutic medications, (antidepressants et al.) It is not uncommon when watching the prescription drug ads on TV, warning/mentioning mental side effects of that drug ("do not take X if you are prone to thoughts of suicide"). The notion that ones' medical or mental health problems can be fixed by taking a pill needs to be reconsidered. Also people to go crazy when they stop taking their psych meds (both legal and illegal) .
    Lastly is this fanatical faith in the "just one more law will fix the problem". Gun Free Zones only serve to stop form committing a gun crime, those who would never commit a gun crime to begin with. In short it "fixes" a problem that does not exist. But it does serve to permit one to feel good about ones' self, all the while ignoring the objective reality that it does NOT work. Bad people will continue to do bad things regardless of what the law is or the rules are, or what that stupid sign reads.