Monday, August 31, 2015

Atrocities Against The Danube Swabian - Starting in 1944

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1. Central Civilian Internment and Labor Camps - The imprisonment of the Danube Swabians in internment camps began in December of 1944 and was completed by April 1945.  There were three kinds of camps:

  1. Zentralarbeitslager “Central Labor Camp”
  2. Ortslager “Regional or District Camp”
  3. Konzentrationslager fuer Arbeitsunfaehige “Concentration Camp For Those Unable to Work”
 In the Central Labor Camps most of the inmates were men who were put into work groups and put to hard labor.  In the District or Regional Camps, the local Danube Swabian population was interned, often in their own villages as a stopgap method.  The Concentration Camps were for women, children and older men unable to work.  But in some cases, mothers were separated from their children and teen-agers were later taken to the Labor Camps with them as well.
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