Sunday, August 16, 2015

Californian finds Chinese relative buried in Carnton's Confederate Cemetery

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Going Home - McGavock Confederate Cemetery+(Franklin)


After more than 140 years, there are still many stories told and untold stories about the Battle of Franklin being uncovered.

What began as a trip to Nashville for Fan Fair in 2005 became a life-changing event for Los Angeles resident Martin Chang.
Chang's life has been a series of changes leading to an evolution and an understanding of purpose and self, but the discovery of an ancestor buried in the Confederate Cemetery at Carnton also redirected the quiet, unassuming young man to a clearer understanding of purpose.

"To me, Charles Chon must have had a purpose," Chang said of the great- great uncle he discovered buried at Carnton. "He was a common soldier, he was captured (by the Union Army) at the Battle of Ark Post and spent time in a federal prison. When he was released, he reenlisted."

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