Sunday, August 16, 2015

Winston County crew's beginners luck helps them bag big Alabama River gator

Via Jeffery "These guys are from here. The Parker boy is my son's age and the Dover guy on the far left is a big turkey hunter. I usually run up on him in the woods in the Springtime. Camden, Alabama is about three hours south of where we live. The gator hunts are relatively new and by lottery in our state. I have applied each year, but so far no luck in winning."

 IMG_7167 (2).JPG

Another huge alligator was pulled from the Millers Ferry pool of the Alabama River last night and the hunter freely admits it was a quintessential case of beginners luck.

Patrick Benson along with his fellow Winston County crewmates Brian Stover, Steton Parker and Jimmy Melson brought a massive 13-foot, 2.75-inch 776-pound male to the weigh station at Roland Cooper State park shortly after 10 p.m. on opening night.

The hunt took all of about 38 minutes after the season officially started at 8 p.m., Benson said.

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  1. Gonna need a bigger skillet. And a couple gallons of gravy.

  2. That picture is photo shopped........not one of them boys is holding a beer