Saturday, August 22, 2015

"If the government will not resist invasion, the people will."

Via Skynet

Image result for sweden germany  "If the government will not resist invasion, the people will."

Even the Swedes, Europe's most limp-wristed and ideologically supine nationality, are beginning to defend themselves against the third-world invaders:

The Sweden Democrat party has been gradually rising in popularity since it scored 12.9 percent in the country’s last general election in September 2014. But a survey by pollsters YouGov published in Sweden’s Metro newspaper on Thursday suggested that 25.2 percent of those questioned would now vote for the nationalists, who are calling for dramatic cuts in immigration to Sweden.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s Social Democrat party - which remains in favour of helping large numbers of refugees from war torn nations - scored 23.4 percent in the poll. The centre-right Moderates, led by Anna Kinberg Batra who took over from the country’s former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt earlier this year, saw their share cut to just 21.0, having previously scored higher than their ruling rivals in recent surveys.

The Sweden Democrats, with roots in the country's most radical extreme right, entered parliament in 2010 with the ambition of curbing Sweden's immigration and refugee policy. 
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  1. The fucking nerve: “In this Europe, animals are sleeping in beds and we sleep in the rain,” said 23-year-old Syrian woman Fatima Hamido after running across the border. “I was freezing for four days in the rain, with nothing to eat.”
    -Refugees tear through police lines at Macedonian border-

    For those who cannot see that this
    is directly connected to the illegal immigration
    crisis of our Republic, you are hopelessly lost.
    No worries, the internet is here for you.

    1. Thanks.

    2. Fatima Hamido doesn't realize that dogs are man's best friend but invaders armed or not, are quite the opposite.

    3. True, but irrelevant in her quest for Communism. :)

  2. The seven year old who was raped by Daniel Nieto on Staten Island last week was not availble for comment on Jeb's plan.

    1. Just checked him out and he certainly as an evil face.

    2. As evil Daniel Nieto is, Jeb and the political class is much worse.