Saturday, August 22, 2015

Video Released of French Train Terrorist Hogtied by US Servicemen

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Video below via The Daily Timewaster

Video was released of the Moroccan gunman immediately after the terrorist attack on a high-speed train from Brussels to Paris.

The terrorist is laying on the floor hog-tied by US servicemen.

** They beat him unconscious before they tied him up.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. I just viewed a brilliant live press conference
    with the British businessman that
    helped take down the terrorist.
    A reporter asked him what were his thoughts
    when realized a terrorist attack was occurring,
    he replied that when he realized an armed
    attacker was running through the train towards
    him, " I immediately sought cover behind the seat
    in front of me, but recent similar attacks have shown
    that once these people start they kill everyone."
    "I was certain that I was about to die, so it was a matter
    of sit and die cowering or stand up and die. I chose to
    be active when I died."
    and die.
    Fucking brilliant!
    He is without a doubt, one of a rare breed of man
    still in existence.

    1. He is without a doubt, one of a rare breed of man still in existence.

      Thanks and yes, a good man.

    2. Truly a man of honor and conviction -- once quite common amongst the populace of civilized nations, but who now are becoming sadly rare due to the programmed decay of Western society.


    3. A few points to note:
      -This attack was stopped by MEN, behaving like men. Go fuck yourselves SJWs, beta Bolshevik "males", and your ugly obese mentally ill lesbo Tindr mafia partners in crime. If these guys had been the passive, beta bitches that you would prefer men to be, we would be mourning the victims of a massacre.
      -it is heartening that despite the disgusting perverting of our culture over the last 50 years - which now starts on our kids in kindergarten and peaks in college - we still raise outstanding young men like these.
      - Even the Brit guy - a member of one of the most thoroughly socially castrated male populations in Europe got in on the act, with a succinct but poignant justification for acting the way he did.
      - This incident is a starting point on a continuum which ends with the legal right to be armed for some or all Europeans. It will take many years but these savages also play a long game. Armed citizens are the logical outcome of a long train, pardon the pun, of these sorts of incidents. As well, this completely justifies and further cements the cause of armed self defence in America.
      - Note the behavior of the French train staff. Lickspittle cowardly jobsworths, looking after their own pathetic hides first and foremost. Again, citizens are on their own in these scenarios and they would best be prepared, by being armed, prohibited or not.
      - They should have beheaded him "pour encourager les autres". Just to be sure...

    4. Excellent. Thanks.