Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Walmart to Quit Selling AR-15s, Claims Decision ‘Not Political’

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Just months after winning against a Trinity Church lawsuit designed to force Walmart to quit selling AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines, Walmart corporate says it will quit selling AR-15s of its own accord.

Moreover, corporate stresses that the decision is “not political.”

According to Gun Talk radio host Tom Gresham, Walmart corporate “confirmed” their decision to quit selling AR-15s on August 25.Gresham tweeted, “CONFIRMED with Walmart corporate offices. Getting rid of AR-15s. They aren’t selling. Replacing with hunting guns. (The AR is a hunting gun, dorkhead) ‘Not political.'”

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  1. Might could be just that they can't make enough profit to justify dealing with all the bullshit they have to deal with.

    THey get lawsuits no one else does.

    Besides, their business model requires big discounts from suppliers so Wal-Mart makes huge profits...Not much markup when you look at prices of AR-15's today...

    Pretty hard to make a 25% profit on a $499 AR ...you can only squeeze the supplier so hard....

    1. I bought an AR for one of the PATCON's raffle prizes in the spring at the Morehead City Walmart and they were slightly less than the price David, a dealer could get.

  2. Could well be just a calculation of how much profit to be made against the ongoing g legal cost from an endless appeals process. Just my guess.

    1. I imagine they have lawyers who are salaried and I don't know the particulars, but I'd assume if they win the loser has to pay them. When I grew up attorneys and doctors did not advertize since it was considered in bad taste. Talk about things changing! :)

  3. They're not selling, because, they carry shit models for normal prices, and decent models for stupid prices. Not to mention that the staff that work there have zero, Z E R O, knowledge of anything in those shelves.
    We can build our own AR flat tops for $600. Like B said - their profit margin likely doesn't allow for much to be made from them. Now, if you want to talk about them carrying 1000 or more ARs at a time and selling them? They'd probably make a lil money, but they'd never do that.
    I'll stick with buying uppers/lowers/LPKs and build em myself :)

    1. decent models for stupid prices.

      A Colt LE6920 for $920.........?

    2. The LE price I was quotes when I asked a couple of months ago was $1350.
      Maybe the drone was trying to skim some off the top for new shoes?
      I've never seen more than Bushmasters, Colts, or no name brands (Anderson?) in stock anyway in the very few times I have set foot in that place.

      In reality I can't see how a place that big these days. in this economy can keep all their options on the table for product anyway. The fiscal hawks in that corp are always looking for things to cut. I work at a software company, and those hawks are doing the same thing. Always. Why not target something corporate wallyworld feel politically hostile to...
      The main places that will likely be pissed off by this are places like Moundsville WV; seriously rural and without access to big box sports stores like cabelas or gander.

    3. 'Cause you can't hunt with an AR or AK, doncha' you know!:)

  4. Bull S--t! If you believe that Wally World's decision was not political, then I have a winter ski resort in Florida, complete with a 20 inch base to sell to you.