Sunday, September 6, 2015

Either the West turns away immigrants or it ceases to exist.

Via David

Remember the emotional gambits used to sell ObamaCare? I do. I still laugh at the nonsensical stupidity of some of them -- like appealing to our heartstrings with examples like the woman who claimed she’d been forced to wear her dead sister’s dentures. Or Sandra Fluke’s soulful appeal for her coed friends who didn’t have a spare $9 a month for birth control pills.

Fall for tales like this in haste. Repent at leisure.


  1. Link with multiple articles and updates
    about that place (far in the rear) where
    things are exponentially worse:

    And the most recent of greatest concern
    Mark my words, they have the numbers in place
    to take that island, and they probably will.
    It's most likely only a matter of days or less.
    Come on, a minimum of 17,000 illegal immigrants w/o
    a dependable source of food, water and sanitation and
    chomping at the bit to unleash sharia law and stuck
    of a European beach resort island.
    Wait until the catch a full view the beach bikinis and

  2. Here is the full link to article:

  3. Tons of pictures here:

    1. Thanks.

  4. Somebody should pick up a book.


    1. Thanks and interesting as I saw this somewhere else today.

  5. Those aren't people, they're locusts.

    They aren't migrants, they're invaders.

    They don't want your help, they want everything you have, including the air that you breathe.

    The countries that turn these hordes away will be called heartless and selfish and perhaps Godless.

    They will also be called survivors, but only by their fellow countrymen, since the rest of Europe will no longer be around to criticize.