Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Restaurant Refuses Service To Soldier For Carrying Firearm

Via John

Over the weekend, a soldier with the National Guard was told to leave his gun outside of the Nicholasville Waffle House or he wouldn’t be served. The situation is now getting national attention.

Billy Welch said that he stopped at the Waffle House Sunday morning for breakfast. He was in his Army National Guard uniform and had his gun holstered to his side. After ordering his food, Welch said that a waitress signaled for him to come over. 

"I got up and I walked over to them, asked them how they were doing and stuff, and they said I'd have to take my firearm outside,” said Welch. "I don't feel comfortable taking my firearm away from me. I always keep it with me and they said, ‘it's one of our policies.’"

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  1. No firearms in a Waffle House? Really?

  2. He should sue for discrimination...the Gaystapo does it all the time and gets rulings in their favor forcing others to go against their beliefs. We need to stop being the nice guys in this PC crazy nation.

    Hey....maybe this is a practice us gunnies should pursue. Then when the ruling goes against us we can sue again for despair treatment by the law. As a 'minority' we have more rights than others.....right?

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

    1. As a 'minority' we have more rights than others.....right?

      Of course. :)

  3. A waitress told him to leave his gun outside? Not the manage even? What a pile of horse shit. I agree, time to stand up and force the issue in court.

  4. http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2015/09/white-us-military-veteran-shot-by-black.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+StuffBlackPeopleDontLike-Sbpdl+%28Stuff+Black+People+Don%27t+Like+-+SBPDL%29

    1. I can't imagine living in a built up place anymore. Thanks.