Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Should this new Southern flag replace the Confederate battle flag?

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Should be in MAD Magazine.

Southern pride.

In the heated debate surrounding the Confederate Flag, the defense offered by many has been that the symbol isn't representative of a culture built on slavery and racism but is, instead, a banner representing that Southerners are simply proud of their home, their people and their culture.

"What other symbol immediately lets the world know you are from the South?" they argue.

To tackle the problem, Studio 360, a national public radio program, commissioned a Texas-based design firm to design a new flag to represent the modern South. With a diverse team of designers with ties to both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, 70kft embraced the challenge with an understanding of the importance of their task. (You imbeciles actually paid cash for this?)

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  1. What the hell is that? I have underwear that look better than that.
    Red in OleVirginny

  2. A "diverse team of designers"? REALLY?????? They expect us to believe that when this is clearly an adaptation of the _residtent's logo?

    I haven't drunk Kool Aid since I was a kid and am not about to start again.

    How's that hope and change stuff workin' fer ya.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  3. If they would add just a touch more gay coloring it could work as the corporate flag of the SPLC.

  4. Oh how horrid! That's a design we can all get behind? Let's keep what we got.

  5. The South must absolutely NOT back down from the attack on the battle flag. If you back down now, the libs will push and push to take as much as the South's heritage as possible. That is their way. PUSH BACK!

  6. Looks like an obama logo...

  7. That flag looks like something you would see in a movie about a tyrannical government taking over, oh wait....

  8. There is NO WAY that I am going to raise that rag over my still!! Those people need a few rounds of 00 sent in their direction!! qazycat

    1. Your moonshine wouldn't come out good with that thing over it anyway. :)