Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Rise of Islam in Our Children’s Minds – Is This the Destruction of America?

A friend sent a copy to me of the current assignment in Social Studies for her Seventh Grade son. Since the truancy people have threatened her if he doesn’t go to school, he has simply been instructed to face the back of the classroom and ignore the instruction.

However, that solution is problematic, and what we are seeing is a program of enforced indoctrination.

Hitler arranged the educational system to propagandize the Nazi philosophy, and dwell on certain aspects of the German culture. He did not instill a foreign culture into the minds of the children. What country would even consider doing such?

The student’s previous historical education included California history, primarily the early Spanish portion with the Missions and Spanish settlement; Ancient history centered on the Mediterranean Sea (Byzantine Empire, Romans, etc.), and the Rise of Islam (current studies). No America history, no European history, no government studies.

So, before we look into just what is currently being studied, let’s think a bit about the near future. The students who have taught very little of our own history, but have been indoctrinated (I can’t think of a better word) in Spanish settlement of California, and Islam’s role in the world, including how badly the White Europeans treated them, will leave them with a foundation of culture that excludes that which they were born into, believing that their roots are from a Spanish and Muslim heritage.


  1. Maybe the rewriting of history is destructive, but in my minds eye this is many times more destructive to our Nation:

    Muslims are the fastest-growing immigrant group in U.S.

    1. Yes and was mentioned in this piece. Thanks.

  2. The Islamic involvement in Common Core to me was a stunning revelation and certainly explains this "pretend to be muslim for a day" crap that keeps cropping up in the government schools across the country. Although the MSM is doing their master's bidding and keeping it quiet from Middle America, the infestation of this ideology seems to have thoroughly pervaded the educational structure.

    The "Betrayal Papers" was a most interesting read, if it is appropriate to recommend here, as it "connects the dots" from Qatar and the muslim brotherhood/cair groups and their funding and involvement and Common Core and the government's educational system.