Friday, October 30, 2015

Andrew Young: Sees the Confederate battle flag as the cross of St. Andrew

Via Billy


Civil rights veteran Andrew Young says the Confederate battle flag is a symbol whose controversy is overblown by those opposing its presence in public places.

"To hell with where we fly it," Young snorted in response to a question during an interview with 11Alive News.

The former Atlanta mayor and UN ambassador says that when he sees the Confederate battle flag, he sees the cross of St. Andrew, a figure of Christianity.

"The cross itself is a symbol of redemption and reconciliation. And just because a few people used it for other purposes…we don't need to jump to emotional conclusions," Young said.

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  1. LOL...the 'crux' symbol is actually Pre-Christian and was originally a symbol of Mithra/sun-worshippers aka early Romans...same with obelisks and spires, any 'church' that uses these are oblivious of their pagan roots. The Torah says to avoid these things, yet Constantine felt empowered to change everything to fit his conception, Bible included. If you think American history and culture has changed over 100 years imagine what has happened to 'Christianity' over 2000 years! It's now almost unrecognizable as to what it was supposed to be; a de-centralized truly individual-based system of worship where the Savior lives in our hearts and we teach and love each other. The whole concept of Clergy and Laity is a man-made control system with no basis in Scripture. Let's not be deceived by the endless mis-direction out there :-)