Friday, October 30, 2015

Changing the “Macho” Male Culture of the US Military


I remember hearing in 2010 from a buddy at the Pentagon that the combat exclusion policy for women in combat arms would be overturned no matter what “about a year from the President’s last year.” At the time I thought he was crazy, but the next year I heard the same from another friend. His take was even more troubling: “There is a loosely connected group of advocates that have found huge traction with the current civilian leadership here and they have a pretty well-thought out campaign plan to get women into combat arms,” he told me. “Some of the groups simply want equality, others talk about more women generals, and there’s one group that is linking this to changing American male culture.” Looking back, many of the things I am seeing now make sense when remembering my friends’ comments.

Today I am privy to most of the plans that are currently in place to put women into combat arms. I have been told, again by acquaintances working at the Pentagon and at various headquarters around the US military, that all of the “experiments” that the services have been undergoing for some time now have been a sideshow. The decision had been made from the get-go. As one Female Engagement Team Program manager told many in Afghanistan in 2011, “the decision has already been made; we just need to talk about “the how” instead of “if”.”

This means that the Ranger School “experiment” was an experiment in name only. It was guaranteed from the beginning to graduate a woman and that graduation would be used as proof that the combat exclusion rule needed to go. This, of course, matches what every Army Command Sergeant Major (9) in 2011-2013 told me was said to them by high-level CSMs and General Officers while attending their pre-command courses: “women will be in combat arms and women will graduate Ranger School, if any of you has a problem with that, you need to get out of the military.” They reported that the Ranger Instructors at Ranger School were told the same thing.


  1. Had a friend at the Pentagon back about 6 years ago that told me the same the guy from the article says. He did speak out against it and was forced into retirement.

    The US is on a course of destruction but it has been since the 1960's. Step by step with the Feminist dominated civil rights and multi-cult religion. However it takes a very special climate for such things to grow like they have. A climate of cheap energy and easy government credit. Without that climate it will fall apart as nature cannot afford such silliness.

    It's just a matter of time now.

    1. I had a friend who retired from the Pentagon for the exact same reasons and his father was a general officer in WWII.

  2. I am seeing a scenario unfold where a female Ranger is in a full-on combat situation and lo and behold, she can't cut it and expects the men to cover for her inadequacies. The end of the scenario results in her being fragged ... I mean, friendly fire takes her out... accidental, of course. Woops, wait, all the real men leave the Army and the Marines, and all that is left are the Kumbaya crowd. Nightmares Nightmares everywhere Nightmares.

    1. Actually, what I see happening is a Jessica Lynch story. Female Ranger gets captured, and several of her male counterparts rescue her. Some even die, but are soon forgotten because Rangerette is now a hero and is awarded the CMH at a White House ceremony for her bravery.

      Her rescuers are sworn to secrecy via a legally binding non-disclosure agreement, and are quietly transferred to other locales.

  3. To any one considering either enlisting or becoming an officer in ANY branch of the military today, I have only one thing to say to you: DON'T
    To those still in the military: Do NOT re-up.
    To the officers: Resign your commission. The life and soul you save will be your own. The civilian leadership in charge does not have the slightest clue. They hold you in contempt. They WILL screw you over.
    TPTB, will get their way and get their gender neutral less masculine military. It is a done deal. They will also get you killed for no good reason. As much as it pains me to say this (I am a 27 year vet) just maybe, this country is so far gone down the tubes that it is NOT worth defending any more. I see the average citizen as a sheeple, and clueless. To those who voted for antichrist Obama, you are the enemy. You are NOT my countryman, you are the other. I don't give a damn about you. I wish for you the worst fate of all, to have to live with the consequences of your own stupidity. I pray that you will get in full measure every thing that you deserve. Zero sympathy.
    Again from Kipling: "If any question why we died, tell them because our fathers lied."

  4. Well they better get whoever they can because I'll do my best to talk anyone worth their salt from enlisting!