Friday, October 16, 2015

Justice Department teaming up with $PLC Center to “go after” political enemiess

Via Billy

Loretta Lynch's Justice Department will place new emphasis on home-grown violent extremism committed by so-called 'right wing' attackers.

Just two weeks after it announced a plan to globalize local police departments through the “Strong Cities Network,” the Obama administration has added a new tool in its fight against “violent extremism.”

A new position within the Justice Department – yet to be filled – will focus on investigating lone-wolf domestic terrorists or “extremists.”

The person who heads this new effort will target extremists who plan mass shootings, hold racist, bigoted or anti-government views or see themselves as “sovereign citizens.”

The new position at the Justice Department, dubbed the “domestic terrorism counsel,” will serve as the main point of contact for U.S. attorney offices nationwide and will identify trends across cases, help shape strategy and “analyze legal gaps that need to be closed,” said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin.

It is not clear what Carlin meant by that statement.

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  1. Man I'm sorry but what is going on....Obama, Holder, this the reject line from the TV program the "Jefferson's?" Even George Jefferson would have done a better job...he did run a dry cleaners right?

  2. Hi Brock,
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot did you expect??? I thought so!!!
    You know the drill!!
    Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!,

  3. A friend of mine works in IT & a few years ago he told me - not jokingly - that by the time ovomit leaves office, the only way that you'll be able to get on the internet is with a DHS approved login/username, password & your SS number. It would appear he was correct.