Monday, October 26, 2015

The Retreat of the State

Via avordvet

The decline of the West is not going to be announced by those in charge, not least because the state garners loyalty and obedience from its citizens by way of its ability to protect them and provide them with various rights and services, or at least having the appearance of being able to do so.

If the state cannot do this, or cannot maintain the facade, citizens will begin to question the benefit of remaining loyal and obedient to an already distrusted political class. Many grumble about unjust laws, stifling political correctness, globalism and corrupt officials but they still largely obey the law and pay taxes. They are outwardly loyal despite being in a state of inner revolt. Martyrs like Kim Davis who risk imprisonment and injury are still few.


  1. The Roman Empire seemed stable until it wasn't. Same now.

  2. It all boils down to what do you have to lose. When the EBT. cards don't work, the stuff will hit the fan. When the state loses it's teeth, hold on to your hats. There will be no restraining force to quell evil... or good.

    1. They'll work because the commies will just keep the printing presses rolling. SHTF will occur when the merchants consider the cards worthless and won't accept them, but remember the Vietnamese piaster was still changing hands on April 30 the day Saigon fell, albeit at a greatly reduced value.

    2. The restraining force will simple be us, the normal law abiding citizens, who really own this country. We will need to organize and deal with these non Americans as we see fit. It's sort of the ultimate democracy.