Tuesday, October 13, 2015

US Caught Faking It in Syria

Via Nancy


The great danger of faking your ability to do something in the public square is that someone with an actual desire to the job you are pretending to do might come along and show you up.

This is what has just happened to the US in Syria with the entrance of Russia into the fight against ISIL.

And as is generally the case with posers caught with their pants down, the US policy elites are not happy about it.

You see, the US strategic goal in Syria is not as your faithful mainstream media servants (led by that redoubtable channeler of Neo-Con smokescreens at the NYT Michael Gordon) might have you believe  to  save the Syrian people from the ravages of the long-standing Assad dictatorship, but rather to heighten the level of internecine conflict in that country to the point where it will not be able to serve as a bulwark against Israeli regional hegemony for at least another generation.

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  1. It annoys me when i see non-sense like this. the mixture of fact, fiction, and irrelevant drivel makes me want to take a hostage.

    1. Obviously, the USA is not even trying to stop ISIS and neither is anyone else. ISIS is not some magical unstoppable force of nature. They are just a rabble of poorly trained, barely equipped hoodlums. And they are only flesh and blood. They can easily be defeated by simply killing them. The Russians are proving this.

    2. Anyone who uses the term "neo-con" in a discussion about modern international affairs instantly loses. There are no "neo-cons" currently in power anywhere in the world.

    3. There is no "Israeli Regional Hegemony" and there never can be. There can be military dominance. But since Israel has only used that dominance one time outside their own borders, one can hardly call them a "hegemony" with any seriousness. There is no evidence that any Arab state seeks to do their bidding now, or ever has. There is further no evidence that the Assad regime is the only power in the region that is standing up to them. This whole line of reasoning is delusional.